I am a walking contradiction. I collect and use the oldest of cameras, but crave the most modern trends and techniques of design. My insatiable curiosity constantly drives me forward to create and discover. The only way I am fulfilled in life is through constant learning.

Needed in this world are Renaissance men and women. Individuals with an understanding of both art and technology, who will solve problems with a questioning and open mind. Writers, psychologists, graphic designers, programmers, artists, and engineers; people that consider all of these roles as they design. I join this pioneering group of individuals striving to find intelligent solutions to problems large and small.

My goal is always the same: Find what drives people and give it to them in a meaningful way.

Good design will always work more quickly than fine art. It must feel effortless and intuitive. Steve Krug put it aptly: Don’t make me think. There is more need than ever for efficient and smart design, not only across the web, but for anything that individuals interact with. I am excited to be a part of this movement.

Shoot me a message if you have any comments or questions about availability.